About Us

It all started on a small, Caribbean island where, on weekends, we would have cookouts with friends on a simple street grill. Our recipe soon became an island favorite. Long car lines would form just to buy this jerk-style chicken that they’d heard so much about !


In various gatherings of friends in Guadalajara, Mexico in January of 2012, our chicken became quite the favorite dish, and the idea came to us to share our enthusiastic passion with the world and commercialize our recipe for Jerk Chicken! We began informally and gradually: about once a week and only by specific request from our circle of friends. Little by little, but more and more, we began receiving orders for our, now popular, Jerk Chicken, from outside our circle of friends. It’s popularity had grown by word-of-mouth !!

This same year, we began to formalize our business plan in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We shared a location with friends; we passed out flyers; we handed out samples of our jerk chicken with it’s flavor hardly known in Mexico. Our recipe was well received in the marketplace. Our customers liked our special spicy sauce as much as they liked the creative side dishes that accompanied our Jerk Chicken. After three months, we decided that now would be the time to take the gamble on this grand venture and then opened our first business establishment, Ferron’s Jerk Chicken !!

Although we had a humble beginning, our enthusiasm and full commitment to always assure quality meals at a reasonable price and with friendly and efficient service, has always been our foundation.


In 2014, we completed our first remodeling, along with updating our brand image. From now on, Ferron’s Jerk Chicken would reflect our total team effort and commitment.

In December of this same year, we added Fried Chicken to our menu. This menu dish was added with the thought of providing delicious chicken without the jerk spicing (AND the preferred choice of most children!). This is also the year that we began to offer our Loyalty Card, with which many of our customers have received their free 1/4 Jerk Chicken Meal by participating in our Loyalty Card Rewards Program.


In 2015, we enlarged our location by renting the space available next door. We were now able to provide a more pleasant dining experience in which to provide our popular menu dishes !

We expanded our kitchen, and, in addition, installed air conditioning for our dining area. We also improved the efficiency of our kitchen unit and staff in order to meet the production demands of our growing customer base.

Our Grand Re-Opening was a success ! In addition to updated facilities and amenities, we also introduced an often-requested food item by our customers: Jerk Pork Ribs !! From the first day they were placed on the menu, this menu dish has been a favorite. And, on many occasions, our Jerk Pork Ribs have been referred to as the best ribs in Playa Del Carmen!


These three factors have been vital to our growth and development, allowing us to succeed and continuing to be: